A Committed Compassionate Healing Team

Mandy Fairbanks Anxiety & Trauma Healing Center Therapist

Mandy Fairbanks

Marriage & Family Therapist

You’re more than the challenges you face and have so much to offer the world, let’s discover your value, because you’re phenomenal. 

Jory Kaiser, Anxiety & Trauma Healing Center Therapist

Jory Kaiser

Marriage & Family Therapist

Jory’s simple philosophy provide you a safe space where you can find your own acceptance and heal. 

Portia Louder, Anxiety & Trauma Healing Center Facilitator

Portia Louder

Group Facilitator

Having gone through her own set of challenges, Portia, author of, “Living Louder,” realizes the need for connection. She shows genuine love no matter what you’re experiencing or have done.

Jennie Robison, IOP Manager

Jennie Robison

IOP Manager

Jennie understands every facet of the 16-Week program and strives to ensure that you and your family have a positive experience.

Jessa Smith

Jessa Smith

Marriage & Family Therapist

Jessa believes in you and your undiscovered talents and skills. Connecting with Jessa is easy as plugging in a light. 

Megan Stewart, Anxiety & Trauma Healing Center Therapist

Megan Stewart

Dance Movement Therapist

Using movement, she helps you connect the mind and body and process emotions on a different level.
Brad Tanner Anxiety Trauma Healing Center Director

Brad Tanner

LMFT, IOP Director

Brad started his journey because his heart weeps seeing people suffer. He wishes he could reach out and let every teen and young adult know he cares and there’s hope.

Alberto Valdez, Anxiety & Trauma Healing Center

Alberto Valdez

Marriage & Family Therapist

Alberto is LGBTQ+ allied and likes to work with teens and young adults and believes everyone has value and purpose and wants to help you discover yours.

Karina Bahr

Karina Bahr

Marriage & Family Therapist

Karina is full of love and compassion for every client she sees. You will feel connected and welcomed immediately to the group.

Eden Jerome

Eden Jerome

Marriage & Family Therapist

Eden is as good as they come, you’ll instantly love her. Her kind, caring and forgiving heart is encouraging and contagious. You will want to stay all day.