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Ingrid Middleton, LCSW, MSW, MA

Ingrid Middleton is a licensed clinical social worker who has been treating individuals, couples and families with her unique and caring approach combining elements of family therapy, anthropology, art and Jungian analysis for 17 years. She has worked with families in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah and Washington D.C., and today treats patients across the globe.

She sees each person as a complex and amazing combination of both potential and problems, with problems being temporary and serving as something to bring one onto a path of self-discovery. Ingrid believes that we all strive for a state of wholeness and balance, and with the right help it’s achievable.

Ingrid has three graduate degrees and many years of experience with a highly specialized focus on couples therapy, anxiety issues, depression, PTSD and eating disorders. She treats individuals, couples, families and children.

"I imagine myself as your guide or navigator moving through each stage of healing and over the next wave. I focus on helping people find and use the tools that will keep them upright, so they can handle whatever there is in their life.”


University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

Focus: Anthropology

Webster University
St. Louis, MO

Focus: Media Communications

Washington University
St. Louis, MO

Focus: Social Work & Family Therapy

The Secret of Healing by Touch
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Touch is perhaps the most important sense we possess. We may question how logic, emotions and environment contributes to our growth, but perhaps the most important realization is to discover just how vital physical touch is for our well being.


"Healing massage becomes a fine art in Ingrid Maria Middleton’s The Secret of Healing by Touch." -- Abbey Reviews

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"Massage is an art through which Ingrid Middleton has learned the importance of touch." -- Concepts Magazine